4th of July Fireworks Salt Lake County and Utah County 2019

4th of July Fireworks!

Are you wondering where you can watch the 4th of July fireworks in Salt Lake County or Utah County? Utah has some great firework shows so head on out and check out one of the shows! Remember, many cities have firework restrictions.

List of 4th of July fireworks

Video Transcript:

Hey Utah, are you wondering where the fireworks shows are gonna be for the Fourth of July this year? We have some awesome shows of fireworks around Salt Lake County and Utah County. First, of course there’s the Stadium of Fire in Provo that’s featuring Keith Urban this year. Don’t forget also if you wanna stay in Salt Lake City there’s the Bees games and they are going to have fireworks after each one of their games July fourth, fifth, and sixth. If you haven’t been to one of their Fourth of July shows you gotta go check it out. They’re amazing. You can also download my list of fireworks shows in Salt Lake County and Utah County by clicking the link below. I also wanna send a special thank you out to all of our firefighters and everybody that makes it possible for us to enjoy the fireworks safely on the Fourth of July. This is Melissa with Utah Homes by Melissa, and remember, when you do what you love people love what you do.

4th of July Fireworks in Salt Lake County and Utah County
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