Cities With The Biggest Home Price Drops around Salt Lake City

What are the cities with the biggest home price drops around Salt Lake City so far in 2023? You see differing opinions of what is happening in the real estate market, are home prices going up or is the housing market crashing in Utah? Well, I am a numbers person because the numbers don’t show … Continued

February 2023 Utah Housing Market Update

February 2023 Utah housing market update. How is the start of 2023 looking for the Utah housing market? Well, today I’m going to share with you how much our average home sales price is in Utah and how much it has dropped since the peak home prices, our average days on market, and a look … Continued

Utah’s Housing Market Is Heating Up Already January 2023 Update

The housing market has been crazy since interest rates started rising in the summer of 2022, and not just in Utah. Many buyers were pushed out of the housing market because of the high rates and high home prices. Sellers’ homes were sitting on the market longer and gone were the days of over asking … Continued

New Construction Home Tour in Daybreak – South Jordan, Utah

No doubt about it, people love the idea of buying a brand-new home that no one has ever lived in. Daybreak in South Jordan, Utah is one of the largest master-planned communities in the United States so people moving to Utah and builders flock to Daybreak. One of the biggest draws to the Daybreak community … Continued

New Construction Homes Are the Best Deal in Utah Right Now

Melissa Ballman: New construction homes are the best deal in Utah right now. I am giving an update for December of 2022 and why new construction may make the difference between you getting into a house or not. So stay tuned. Hi, this is Melissa Ballman and I’m a real estate agent here in the…

5 Things To Consider Before Moving To Utah in 2023

After talking to lots of people about moving to Utah, today I want to share with you 5 things you need to consider before moving to Utah in 2023, or really anytime. Utah is a beautiful place to live with lots of large corporations that make the job market desirable in Utah and has our … Continued

How far has the Utah Market Dropped in 2022? October Market Update

Melissa Ballman: A Utah housing market update for October of 2022. That is what I’m talking about today. I’m going to share some of the mind blowing numbers that go with it. So stay tuned. Hi, this is Melissa Ballman and I’m a real estate agent here in the greater Salt Lake City area. So…

Daybreak’s Various Neighborhoods – North Shore Village Tour

Melissa Ballman: Are you considering moving to Daybreak? You don’t want to miss this neighborhood tour. I am going to take you through actually my favorite neighborhood in Daybreak. So if you’ve been researching, you know there’s lots of different villages in Daybreak. Today, I am giving you a tour of the North Shore Village,…

South Mountain Neighborhood Tour in Draper Utah

Melissa Ballman: Today, I’m giving you a South Mountain neighborhood tour in Draper, Utah. If you’ve considered moving to Draper, there’s a good chance you’ve looked at houses on South Mountain. There’s a lot of things that are appealing. I actually lived on South Mountain for 15 years and don’t live far from it still…

Cost of Living in Draper Utah – 2022

Melissa Ballman: What is the cost of living in Draper, Utah in 2022? That is what I’m talking about today and going to give you an update, not just on housing, but everyday things. So, stay tuned. So, if you’re looking at making a move to Draper, you’re probably wondering how expensive is it in…